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West Texas Division

My name is Joseph Dempsey and I am the Director for the West Texas Region. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Family Relations and Consumer Sciences from Texas Tech University. I have worked with and been involved with people with mental retardation for my entire life. My sister has developmental disabilities and I have been actively and directly involved in her care, programming and planning of services. I have been able to actively advocate for the rights of my sister and other people who have disabilities through a wide variety of opportunities.

I joined Community Access in 1998 as Program Director for the Lubbock Region. Prior to coming to Community Access I worked with Lubbock Regional MHMR Center as a Case Manager and Coordinator of Continuity of Services. Perhaps one of the most important parts of my work has been advocating for peoples rights to ensure that they receive needed services, are free from abuse, neglect or restriction which might be imposed upon them because of their disability. I feel that I am contributing in a meaningful way to the success of people I serve. I know that many people I now serve have a better life.

A thriving program of services exists for people who have mental retardation on the plains of Texas. Community Access, Inc., serves over 30 people in West Texas. The territory may be large, nonetheless we provide services for people in Lubbock also currently ranging north to the Hale County area and south to Dawson County.

Our Regional office for West Texas is located in Lubbock. We operate four residential homes and a day activities/habilitation program directly in Lubbock. We have handicapped accessible homes and vans available. We also provide foster care and supported home living for people who may reside at home with their families or live in their own apartments in Lubbock as well as surrounding towns.

Services have been very successful for people who also have mental health diagnoses in addition to mental retardation. An individual who has a significant history of mental health concerns and had not been able to be outside of a mental hospital for longer than 6 months has now been successful in our residential program for over 6 years in Lubbock. He recently moved in with a family and loves his new life.

We also specialize in providing services for people who may communicate their needs through what may be identified as behaviors. We work with people who may be hearing or visually impaired and those with a diagnosis of Autism. People have had success through our support in areas that may otherwise have presented problems for their continuity of life in the community.

We feel fortunate to serve a wide age range of people from children who are in school to people who are retirement age. We offer specialized programming which supports each person’s individual needs.

We have other qualified staff on board and are proud of our consumer's accomplishments. We would be very happy to meet with you and your family and discuss ways in which Community Access may be able to serve your loved ones.


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